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The Different Kinds of Loans You Can Get


When it comes to loans most of the time people only can think of something like student loans or auto loans where you have to ask for huge lumps of money at one time. What if I told you there were several other loans that you could get (some of them as soon as your done reading this article) and not have to worry about to much? Here are some different kinds of loans that do just that.


Cash Advances

With cash advances you can say goodbye to late fees and delayed payments. You are able to get on top of your expenses and borrow anywhere from $100 to $2,000 and with a thoughtful repayment system you wont end up bankrupt every month. Anyone 18 or older with 3 months minimum of permanent employment who has a credible bank account can apply for a cash advance.


Bad Credit Loans

No matter what anyone else tells you, you are much more than just your credit score. Places like Zebra Loans understand that things happen and not everything is in your control. They are one of the companies that actually want to help you move away from your bad credit history and move forward with your personal finances. Low minimum weekly income, permanent employment, and an active bank account is all you need to be eligible for a bad credit loan.


Payday Loans

With a payday loan, you will have access to the money that you worked for whenever you need it. You should not have limited access to money when you need on- hand cash all the time. Some online application portals are open every minute of every hour of every day for 365 days. Repayments can be automatically deducted monthly from your upcoming paycheck. Most times no more than 25% will be taken from your check if that is the case.


Same Day Loans

Sometimes life happens and you realize you are needing something right then and there but you have no money in your bank. This is where same day loans can help. With some companies you can have the money that you need in about 60 minutes or less. With same day loans it is better to go through an online company simply because trying to do it through a bank can be way more complicated and its a 50 50 chance if you will even get the money that day.


Short Term Loans

When you need an instant solution for a short term problem is when you want to go for a short term loan. They are quick and easy to get set up, and they are the main go- to for thousands of people for everything they need from unexpected car problems to an emergency room trip. It is best to use short term loans to fix urgent financial problems while maintaining a decent credit score.

The Drawbacks to Easy Loans


In the United States, many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Even those with substantial incomes often find themselves short of cash by the end of the month. Much of this problem stems from debt incurred from student loans, large purchases with payments such as cars, and credit card use as well as medical emergencies, unexpected car troubles, and other unforeseen issues. All of this can lead into a downward spiral where choices come between making payments and paying for necessities such as food, electricity, rent, etc. People in these dire circumstances often turn to easy loans, especially if their credit scores are low. Easy loans can be described as advance loans, payday loans, and cash loans.

Lending institutions which offer easy loans generally have a very simple application process. The minimum requirements are that the applicant be 18 years old or older, live in a state where the institution conducts business, have an email account, be employed, and have a bank account where funds can be transferred. Approval for a loan can be as quick as 5 minutes. Easy loans are usually one payment loans, with a repayment time frame of a few weeks to a month. At the end of the loan period, the applicant then repays the loan plus a one-time interest fee.

The easy loan program appears, on the outside, to be a valuable benefit to people, especially those who need immediate financial assistance. However, there are several drawbacks and negative aspects of the program. One such drawback is the interest rate. Though it is a one-time payment, the rate can be massive, sometimes greater than 100% annual percentage rate. One institution gives an example of a $200 loan with an interest fee of $35.21. That translates to an annual rate over 400%! If the same loan was provided as a personal loan through a credit union or bank, the interest rate could be as low as 4% annually if the applicant has good credit, and up to 22% annually for lower credit scores. That would mean that a $200 loan at a bank could have a fraction of the fees incurred, even if the applicant took longer than a month to repay the loan.

Another negative aspect of these loan programs is shortened time of repayment. Most terms are only for a few weeks. Ostensibly, this is to give the applicant time to get a paycheck before the loan is due, so that funds will be available for repayment. But if the applicant can’t repay in the time frame, the loan goes into default. Overdraft charges are billed, the loan is often sent to collection agencies, and the applicant can wind up in court. Many times, the applicant has to take out a secondary loan to pay off the first loan, and the situation becomes a vicious cycle. Easy loans appear to be an attractive way to get money quickly, but people soon find out what a terrible trap these loans can be. However, there are of course legitimate companies offering easy loans without taking advantage of their customers. These can be difficult to find so make sure to do your research (see easy loans NZ, for example).

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