For anyone applying for a tax ID in Ohio, the decision eventually appears whether to apply for an Ohio tax id via the government’s website or to use a private company to get the tax number.

This is nothing more than a private choice, as both options will get you the tax ID in Ohio that you need. The government option is free, however, while using a company will cost a few dollars.

How fast are both options? — Even if you apply via a private company, who then submits your application to the tax authorities, the time frame from submittal to approval is around the same. In most cases, around a week from beginning to end.

How easy is the application process? — Both ways of doing it are relatively easy. The only difference between using the government’s own website, and using a company site is that the latter options tend to have simpler instructions to understand.

The same information is required on both sites, though, so it really is just a personal choice of which you believe is the easier option.

The best way to make the decision is to read both websites, and then decide which you think would take you the least time to complete.

Is using a private company safe? — As you do have to submit personal information, including your social security number, you want to be sure the company you use is reputable and safe.

This can be done by doing research on the company’s reputation, either on the Better Business Bureau’s website or by reading what has been written about the company by other users online.

Once you have found a reputable company, compare their fees with other similar companies, and choose the one that is safe and affordable. You should receive your tax ID in the mail within a week.