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Watch Out for Fake Views and Subscribers!


With billions of users and more than 500 hours of new video posted every minute, YouTube is the most widely used video-sharing site online. People trying to control the system with faked views will always exist when something is this successful, but can YouTube spot fraudulent views?

The issue of fake views has beset the site for years. After all, it just costs a few dollars to purchase thousand or even more YouTube views from shady businesses, making your video appear more well-liked than it is. This article examines a few techniques for identifying these fake subscribers and views and check out more information about YouTube smm panel here.

How to Spot Fake Views and Subscribers:


Knowing how to spot fake YouTube subscribers will help you assess whether the followers you are obtaining are worthwhile. Let’s see:

Always Keep an Eye On Your Analytics:


The exact statistics on how many people have seen your videos on all the other platforms can be found in the Traffic Source section of YouTube Analytics. It shows a report of how your visitors discovered your videos on YouTube and other websites. The three types of traffic are direct, recommendation, and search. You may estimate the number of viewers on your videos based on the YouTube interaction rates, followers on social media, and advertising initiatives. The video views may be fraudulent if traffic originates from an unidentified platform.

View a Couple of Profiles Who Leave Spammy Comments:


Fake subscribers will typically use generic names and post photographs associated with such names. When filling out fake profiles, it is standard practice to utilize photographs and names of women; nevertheless, male identities and pictures are occasionally used. If you go to the channel page of a fake account, you will see that it is unfinished and void of content. There will be no YouTube channel banner, nor will there be a description of the channel.

Low Community Engagement:


When there is a healthy level of engagement on a YouTube channel, it indicates that all of the other metrics have reached the anticipated success level, including the number of impressions, subscribers, likes, dislikes, view time hours, and so on. If you see that some of the metrics are not reaching the average level even though the number of views is high, you’ll have to pay close attention to your channel.


Have you ever seen videos on YouTube with millions of views but just a small number of comments, likes, or dislikes? To be honest, this is a textbook example of fake views. If the video receives organic viewers, the audience will participate actively in providing comments.

The ESTA application process: step by step


If it is your first time applying for ESTA and you are wondering how to go about the process, you are in the right place. Continue reading as we walk you through the process of applying for ESTA step-by-step.

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) is an automated process implemented by the US for residents of the US Visa Waiver Program countries to gain entry into the country without requiring a visa.

Here are the relevant aspects of the ESTA application process.

Ensure you are eligible to apply for ESTA

Before you apply for ESTA, you must ensure that your passport is valid, your intended duration of stay in the US is not more than 90 days, and your purpose of travel is tourism or business only. Similarly, you cannot apply for ESTA if you have a valid US visitor visa, B-1 or B-2, even if you are a resident of a VWP country. Once you have ensured that you are eligible for ESTA, you can fill out the application form.

Fill out the application form.

When you fill out the application form, you will be required to provide your home address, a relevant phone number, a valid email ID, an emergency contact phone, and an email address. Additionally, if applicable, you may be asked to provide your national or personal ID number, Global Entry ID number, your employer contact and address, or contact details for your point of contact in the US, if there is any.

The entire process is online, and you can conveniently fill out the details. However, make sure that all the details you have entered are accurate and if required, recheck your form before submitting it.

Make the payment

Once you are done filling out the pertinent details on the application form, you must make the payment for the application process to proceed. The fee for an ESTA application is $21, and you can make payment online via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, or Discover.

Once you have made the payment, your ESTA application will be processed, and when it is approved, you will receive ESTA via email.

In normal cases, it may take up to three days or 72 hours for the application to be processed and the approval to arrive, given there are no problems with the screening process. Therefore, it is recommended that you get started with the application at the earliest and apply at least three days before your intended travel date.

In any case, once you receive ESTA, you are ready to travel and must bring the passport along on the date of travel through which you applied for ESTA. While you are officially not required to bring a printed copy of ESTA to the airport for travelling, some airlines may ask you to present an approved ESTA application, so you need to be prepared if it is required.


What Is Quantum Computing?


Throughout the course of technological progress, there is always something we take for granted and never really understand. We just know that it’s a big deal and that as time progresses, it becomes more complicated. Quantum computing is one of those things. But what exactly is quantum computing?

According to quantum computing news, quantum computing takes advantage of these subatomic particles to perform multiple calculations at the same time in parallel universes or different dimensions and then find which path the particle took when it was measured with a third party called an observer. When you do this the other paths disappear from existence because they can’t be seen by an observer so only one choice remains at any given moment.

Who Is Quantum Computing For?

For example, imagine that you’re considering buying a new computer. Now, maybe we all know how computers work and how they work on the inside but we still aren’t entirely sure what goes into making a computer from scratch. What kind of materials will make up the material on its exterior? How many different wires go in to actually power the computer? How many different components do you need to add for it be able to do whatever you wanted it to do? Only one type of material can be used for the exterior and possibly one part of it meaning that the system is not expandable nor ever changing in any way. How many different application programs are needed to run the whole computer? How many different types of programs can you have outside of the main apps? There is a maximum amount of possible ways that you can arrange something and so it’s impossible to ever truly expand or change your computer.

So Why Is So Much Focused On Quantum Computing And What Can It Do?

We have found that current computer technology is lacking and has reached its limit due to the fact that we only have one choice at any given moment. You could figure out a million different amounts of combinations for every given program, but in the end, there will be only one combination for which all choices must exist for it. This means that we can’t do any more programs or calculations than we currently can.

The Quantum Computer Workstation

Quantum computers aren’t anything new, but lately they’ve been getting a lot of attention. They’ve already been successfully used to solve some incredibly complex problems including the simulation of molecules and other extremely complex tasks by looking at the behavior of atoms at the quantum level. They have become so useful that they are being used in NASA’s quantum-computing program, among others. The thing is it takes years to build one of these because they require extremely specialized circuits and materials, but many think that one day we will have quantum computing in our hands.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Insurance


Owning a car comes with additional and unbudgeted expenses; auto insurance can be the perfect solution for such costs. Signing a particular car insurance policy is not a straightforward process. Here is what you should know about car insurance.

1. Mandatory car insurance

In all states, all car owners need to have liability insurance. It covers another driver’s expenses when you are at fault –it caters to body injuries and the vehicle’s damage. Each state has different minimum requirements for this type of cover.

The priciest liability cover caters to the needs of collision expenses where you are at fault. A comprehensive policy is also critical as it covers your motor for vandalism, theft, and fires. Before settling for an insurance policy, you should consider other expenses included in the package, such as uninsured motor covers.

2. Calculating the insurance policy rate

Every insurance provider follows different criteria when calculating the insurance policy. For instance, the value of your car (model and make) can determine your insurance rates. It will help if you compare the insurance packages from different companies.

During the underwriting process, the insurance company calculates expenses resulting from an accident you may cause. Factors such as previous insurance reports determine the policy rates. If you ever made insurance claims, the amount you were paid can also be a determining factor for your insurance policy.

Though accidents and previous claims should affect your policy rate for three years, most insurance providers consider a five-year history when calculating the policy rate. Your credit history also determines the policy rate. Insurance providers may not cover car owners with a positive credit history (the idea is that they may not be involved in accidents, lowering the chances of payout). Websites like Money Expert car insurance can help you get an overview of all the different rates available to you from different providers.

3. You can negotiate to pay less

Most car owners are unaware of this provision. Some insurance providers offer their clients discounts if they can prove to own anti-theft devices, driving safely, and paying for the insurance policy in full. You can always practice safety tips and inquire if a policy provider offers discounts for acceptable driving practices.

Another strategy to avoid paying more is by lowering the insurance bill by reducing coverage. For instance, you can do away with comprehensive coverage if you own an old vehicle. Raising deductibles can reduce the comprehensive and collision coverage by at least 15%, saving you additional expenses.

4. Special incidences that may not favor you

If someone drives your car and is guilty of causing an accident, the insurance policy would still settle the expenses. When letting out your vehicle, you should factor in the insurance policy implications. Some insurers might not pay the costs resulting from a designated driver’s fault, which works against you unless it’s in justifiable scenarios like emergencies.

If you aren’t driving for more extended periods, you should inform your insurance firm. You are at a higher risk when you skip settling the policy package. Some insurers provide favorable options if the coverage lapses when you are not using your vehicle.

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