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Top questions about security fraud answered

Top questions about security fraud answered

If you are concerned about security fraud, but are not quite sure where you can get all your questions answered, There are several places you can start looking first.

After all, security fraud is a serious issue and, if you are not prepared, it could eventually happen to you.


Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — The SEC has invaluable information on its website about all kinds of securities fraud.

Start by learning about the different kinds of fraud, how it is often carried out, who is will usually affect and what you can do to prevent it happening to you.

The SEC has several types of guides available online about all kinds of fraud, with in-depth information about each one.

This type of fraud can be anything from Ponzi schemes to different kinds of pyramid schemes, as well as information about bribery, insider trading and theft.

You can read about each one in its guide and, if you suspect you know someone who is involved in one of these schemes, can even report them to the SEC yourself.

The FBI — The FBI also has information on its website about various fraud schemes you or people you know could become involved in without your knowledge.

While the site is not quite as in-depth as the SEC website, it still gives you basic information about each type of fraud followed by tips on what you can do to avoid them.

The FBI does not usually accept reports about suspected fraud, however, and recommends that you contact the SEC, a local state securities authority in your area or the police.

Should you not have contacted the correct organization for the particular security fraud you are aware of, these organizations will be able to give you information about the correct authorities to contact.


Security fraud experts — There are also independent investigators around the country who specialize in fraud. Many of them have websites where you can get answers to your top questions about security fraud.

Start with an online search for your particular questions and compare the answers given by several of these websites.


Criminal defense lawyers — If you have been accused of wrongdoing, you will also probably have questions about security fraud and what the possible outcome may be for you.

If this is the case, the first people you should contact are criminal defense lawyers as the charge of security fraud is extremely serious. We recommend to read the article on TGD on securities fraud attorney questions, it will give you a clear view on the most common questions on the topic of securities fraud that can already help you with a few answers.

Look for criminal defense lawyers in your area specializing in the type of fraud you have been accused of committing. You can make appointments with several of them for a free consultation, which will give you a chance to evaluate each firm before hiring one.